Pop Up Market is Back in 2020!

With more than 74.975 visitors and 114 tenants that have passed our curation process back in 2019

As an annual not-for-profit thematic local brand bazaar, for almost a decade Pop Up Market has been acting as a platform for creative Indonesian entrepreneurs and for brands to grow and strive to sustain their business in the creative industry. Now, the wait is finally over! As Pop Up Market is back for its 9th year in Kuningan City, on April 2nd – 5th, 2020.


A flashback to Pop Up Market 2019 “Ü”
With more than 74.975 visitors and 114 tenants that have passed our curation process, Pop Up Market 2019 was filled with exciting activities such as temperament talks by MaknaTalks, workshop by Bartega and Kandura Studio and many more to highlight! Delivering the theme “Ü”, The Pop Up Market 2019 had also brought all the visitors out to discover more about themselves.

About This Year’s Theme
This year, Pop Up Market aims to embrace the creative industry for local brands by delivering The Studio 1933. Our theme is inspired by the Bauhaus Institution, which
has raised the movement that celebrates the industry in a creative way. With our tagline “Everything Starts from a Dot”, Pop Up Market 2020 : “The Studio 1933” wants to act as a bridge between the stakeholders—gathering the industry players and giving the local brands the opportunity to expand their network, while also becoming a place where they could develop their business along with the freedom of thought or creation to thrive with each of their own uniqueness.

What to Expect
In everything we do, we do it in regard to embody the purpose of ours, that is to be an impactful platform to acknowledge and support emerging local brands. Pop Up Market 2020 wants to offer more opportunities for local brands, by involving them through many activities and campaigns. In addition, we are also embracing them in collaborations with various players in creative industry through many unique and unusual projects that have been wrapped up in the pre-event’s campaigns, such as
mini documentary series that will discover out a story behind a brand, as we believe every brands have their own uniqueness; mini exhibition as an opportunity for local brands to showcase the creative processes in producing their product; and many more exciting upcoming projects to help empower and celebrate the local creative industry.


Moreover, as an effort to stand as a gate for local brands to embrace a higher stage of awareness, the campaigns and events, altogether with the brands will be covered
by national and international media. Pop Up Market 2020 will also partner up with WIF (wifworld.com), a one-stop supply chain solution applicable for all fashion brands as our official supply chain partner. Through the collaboration, either the local brands in Pop Up Market 2020 or the visitors will be connected with a platform where they can confidently find more information and detailed contents about fabrics until finally purchase fabrics in an easier and more efficient way through both online and offline, anytime and anywhere. (Go check wifworld.com to find out more!).

The wait is [almost] over!
Therefore, we invite all players in the creative industry including local brand tenants from fashion, accessories, beauty, and F&B to participate in our local brand bazaar, campaigns, and other upcoming events to altogether empower the local creative industry in an immersive experience that engages creativity. Registration dates are soon to be announced. So get ready!

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