• 4 April 2019, 10:00 am
  • Universitas Indonesia

ALSA National English Competition or ALSA E-Comp is an annual national English competition held by ALSA LC UI for senior high school and varsity students. This year, ALSA E-Comp 2019 holds the tagline “Enhance your Knowledge, Step Up to the Challenge”. Battle of Brains, Debate, Spelling Bee, Newscasting, Speech, Storytelling, Model United Nations (MUN) and Paper Presentation are among the competitions held in this year’s ALSA E-Comp.

Each competition is designed for high school and varsity level. The competitions were held on April 4th – 9th, 2019 in Universitas Indonesia. ALSA E-Comp 2019 was opened with an opening ceremony and followed by technical meeting of the competitions. The competitions were held on the following days. Final session of debate marked the end of the competitions. ALSA E-Comp 2019 was closed with closing ceremony at Auditorium Djokosoetono, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia with the agenda winner announcement of every competition, dinner, and also distribution of the certificate to each participant.


ALSA E-Comp 2019 has been successfully held from the beginning which features the pre-event, encouraging participants and/or those in the Faculty of Law to play our games and take photos at our photo booth. Our intention for the Pre-Event of ALSA E-Comp 2019 is to increase awareness and build hype for the upcoming main event. The pre-event is held at Taman S&T, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. Furthermore, our social media’s active posting has increased hype and awareness regarding the presence of ALSA E-Comp 2019.

ALSA E-Comp 2019’s main event was successfully held, with the main event being held on time and in schedule at the Auditorium Djokosoetono, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. Our opening ceremony in Auditorium Djokosoetono, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia is packed and full of participants eager and excited for the upcoming competitions. All of our competitions excluding debate was held in Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia and was held without any major issues and was successfully held. The debate competitions were successfully held as well in RIK, Universitas Indonesia.

In short, the competitions were successfully held with all of the competitions going well without any major issues and the participants this year exceeds the number of participants from last year. Our social media has successfully increased the awareness and presence of ALSA E-Comp 2019, receiving 5562 profile visits from the last 7 days, and received a number of reach in Instagram of 2285 and 118105 impressions from our Instagram.

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