Bertema “Ascend to The Throne” Prasmul Olympics yang Keenam Siap Digelar. Guys, Yuk Ramaikan!

The 6th Prasmul Olympics

In its sixth year, Prasmul Olympics 2019 comes with the theme “Ascend to the Throne”, which is coming from the story of Hercules made his way through 12 labors to reach Olympus! With that theme, it is hoped that all the participants can compete well to reach the highest. And there are 4 main events from Prasmul Olympics that are absolutely can’t be missed:

1. Run It


Date: March, 31st 2019

RUN IT is a serious run program which is the part of Prasmul Olympics 2019 with track categories from 5 (five) kilometers, 10 (ten) kilometers, also introducing our newest category, 21 (twenty-one kilometers) as a half marathon, and is opened for public. Register yourself immediately or your community and win the total prize of 57 million rupiahs!

2. Phoenix Cup

Date: April, 6-27 th 2019


A series of sports competitions that consist of six categories: basketball, futsal, Taekwondo, table tennis, FIFA ’18, and Mobile Legends. In this event, there are 3 participant categories: university, senior high school, and public in general. This is for Jabodetabek region.

3. Phoenix Exhibition

Date:  April, 13rd 2019


Phoenix Exhibition is an art competition of Prasmul Olympics 2019, which is a modern dance competition. Modern dance competition of Prasmul Olympics 2019 has the theme “Define Your Throne”, which means the way you express yourself through dance motions. The modern dance competition will be held in 3 categories: senior high school, public in general, and the dance battle which will be held in 1 day.

4. The Closing Project (Phoenix Celebration)

Date: April, 27th 2019

The Closing Project is the closing ceremony of Prasmul Olympics 2019 as the last event in Prasmul Olympics 2019. The event is held as a form of celebration towards the participants and as a form of gratitude for their participation through the Phoenix Cup and Phoenix Exhibition of Prasmul Olympics 2019. The Closing Project is enlivened by presenting several famous singers in the closing ceremony, which is opened for public. First, we have Glenn Fredly, and there are much more performers we will soon announce.

WHERE? At Kampus Prasetiya Mulya BSD, Edutown, Kavling Edutown I No. 1 Jl. BSD Raya Barat I, BSD City – South Tangerang.

Wait no more! Register yourself and check out the closing ticket

Check it here:

Don’t forget to check our Instagram @prasmul_olympics. See you at the gate and rule your throne!

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