M&A Talks: Embracing the Post-Pandemic M&A Deals

Indonesia Investment Banking Competition 2021’s main event, a webinar was successfully held on Thursday, 2nd September 2021 with the theme “M&A Talks: Embracing the Post-Pandemic M&A Deals”. The webinar was streamed LIVE via Zoom, with guest speakers that are experts in the field. The speakers have engaged with the audience and provided insights about evolving Merger & Acquisition (M&A) outlook in the post-pandemic world and also the rise of SPAC as the new alternative of capital raising strategy.

During the webinar with the topic of “M&A Talks: Embracing the Post-Pandemic M&A Deals”, two speakers who are experts in investment presented in the webinar. The two speakers were Oki Ramadhana (Senior Executive Vice President of PT Mandiri Sekuritas) and Christian Sugiarto (Managing Director at Capsquare Asia Partners Ltd). Throughout their presentations, the two speakers were moderated by Gifary Yusuf (Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch) to maintain a focus on the substance of the topic at hand.

Throughout the session, Oki Ramadhana (Senior Executive Vice President of PT Mandiri Sekuritas) as the first speaker, presented regarding M&A transactions during these unlikely situations where COVID-19 has affected the whole world. As the global economy starts to adapt to the new ‘normal’, the speaker also presented quantitative data on how the number of deals and average ticket size has increased. The speaker then continued with the discussion about the key factors that make Asia-Pacific a hotspot for M&A deals.

The session was then followed by the presentation of Christian Sugiarto (Managing Director at Capsquare Asia Partners Ltd) regarding the overview of the capital market from the buy-side perspective. The speaker’s presentation includes the discussion of Private Equity in general, its strategy, and its role in the economic recovery due to the pandemic. A portfolio coverage and how SPAC is an exit strategy for Private Equity was also explained in
the session.

Towards the end of the webinar, the speakers and the moderator gathered together for a panel discussion and a Q&A session. The session was wrapped up with speakers awarded by the MCs as well as the handout of an R&D survey link that acts as an attendance for participants to claim their e-certificates. In the final remarks, we would like to thank everyone who had taken part in the succession of our Third pre-event, IIBC 2021 M&A Talks, from speakers, committees, participants, as well as the support from our sponsors and media partners. In this precarious situation, we hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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