TEDx Universitas Prasetiya Mulya yang Ketiga Siap Dihelat. Anak Muda Sepertimu Wajib nih Ikutan!

The Third TEDx Universitas Prasetiya

TEDxUniversitasPrasetiyaMulya is a independently organized TEDx event held by students of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.


This year marks the third year of TEDx Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. We have provided numbers of mind-provoking and inspirational talks, as well as apirational speakers. This year, with the theme “BEYOND”, we would like to encourage our community of students, to explore more than what’s within the campus life. We realize that shaping the future isn’t only the responsibility of a formal education institution, but also ours to plan. That leads to always having the curiosity on every single aspects of our lives and to go beyond.

BEYOND goes through your limit on skills, talents, and abilities.TEDxUniversitasPrasetiyaMulya will help you to uncover and explore different perspectives of going BEYOND by dividing the talk into 4 subtopics:

1. Explore Your Passion- to acknowledge what you have and what you didn’t have, to be honest and vulnerable to yourself

2. What’s Next- After having good degree and good grades, what’s next?

3. Save Future- how to invest for the future and save millennial’s future

4. Passion for Compassion- to work not only for profit but to create social impact.


These key points will be delivered by 4 different speaker including an Asian Para Games athlete who returned from overseas to change the face of basketball for disabled people, A catering business owner who serve meals to various corporation, A health preneur who has more than 16 gyms in over 4 different cities, and a undisclosed forth speaker.

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves that there is so much more to life than our problems. Our event purpose is to create a platform for our speakers to speak about ideas worth sharing about life and beyond that. And we will be really honored to have you in our event.

Head to https://www.tedxprasmul.com/ to find out more details!

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