Every woman has a nature to be a housewife. It is often used as a reason that a woman does not need a higher education if she only stays at home or becomes a housewife. It is the social stigma that is still growing in our environment. However, being a highly educated woman is important. We have to change the social stigma.The following reasons why being a highly educated woman is important are:

Firstly, nowadays we live in globalization era when all people including women are required to follow all developments. Highly educated people will simply follow all the developments that occurr and will continue to develop. Highly educated people will easily socialize because they have a lot of relations, they will have a great social life. A woman has to bend over backwards to be a highly educated woman, so she will survive in this era because education is one of the tools to empower a woman and according to Dr.Josephine Azuka Onyido from University of Port Harcourt in his paper entitled Education and Women in the Era of Globalization, he said that “women education is an essential tool for individual family and national development, women should seize all the avenues open to them to go to school to increase their social and political power in the society, this is a strong reason why goverments around the world should assume the responsibility to provide and finance education especially basic education for women.“ In this globalization era, if a woman does not get an education, she looks like an old school woman.


Secondly, as we know that in this era, women are demanding equality with men. They do not want any difference between women and men. Most women in this age do not want if they only become a housewife. They prefer to be a housewife and also a career woman. They want to apply the knowledge that they had gained in college, want to interact more with the outside world, want to help her husband to improve family’s economy. They do not want to stay at home all the time to do housework but they want to interact with the outside world. It is all about woman empowerment. According to Manjeet Sharma, she is a secretary of the Forum of Women in Public Sector, in her speech she said that “Education is recognized as a crucial measure. Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills, and self confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process.” Thus, I assume that education is the best way to empower quality of a woman.

Thirdly, one of the duties of a housewife is to educate their children, so a mother must ensure that their children are well developed. We know that the primary education for children is not from formal education or non-formal education but from informal education, that is from the family and the environment. If there is an educated mother in a family, they will have educated children. It is easy for an educated mother to manage her children. You can imagine if a woman is uneducated. I believe that she cannot manage her children well, especially in her children’s education. According to Wikipedia “an educated women play a more active role in the family also brings about social benefits for family members.” Take a look in the first reason that nowadays we live in globalization era, so as a mother, they really need to know about all the good and the bad forms of developments. Hence, they can anticipate if there are bad possibilities of any changes of this era for their children. I conclude that how the condition of a family is a reflection of who the woman is.

Some of the reasons and the researches which I mentioned above are quite clear that being a highly educated woman is very beneficial for your own life, especially in this age and whatever your decision later, being a housewife or a career woman or both of them, being a highly educated woman is important. Hence, I dare you to be a highly educated woman.


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