Weekend Career Expo (WCE) 2022, A Weekend to Bridge the Gap Between Students & Graduates and Professional World

Greetings Career Enthusiast!


If you’re looking for a platform to receive many career opportunities and discuss your concerns directly with job experts, WCE is coming for you! 

Weekend Career Expo (WCE) is a two-day virtual event by UI Women in Business to bridge the gap between students & graduates and the professional world. As a community that aspires to provide career education for all students and graduates, this event comes as a solution to any concerns you may have in finding an internship or job. 

We are here to help students and fresh graduates find suitable jobs directly with experts in various companies. This event is open to the public and is equipped with various series of events:

  1. Job Expo: It’s Free and open to the public! Go to our website and find your dream job opportunities from all the company partners
  2. Company Presentation Sessions : 30 to 60-minutes company special sessions to give insights and answer all your curiosity through presentations and Q&A sessions.
  3. Career Workshop: Conducted by a partner organizations held as a pre-event of WCE
  4. Main Webinar Session: Join our Grand Webinar with recruitment experts to find out more about job-hunting

What are you waiting for? You are one click away from reaching your dream job! Please do remember that all of our events are free of charge and open to the public (regardless of gender).

Weekend Career Expo 2022

25-26th June 2022

Register yourself through the link below


Stay tuned for more!

Instagram: @uiwomeninbusiness

LinkedIn: Universitas Indonesia Women in Business

Line: @819rzfmw

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