1. Seriously, LDR is hard!

First thing first, LDR is hard, man! Like really hard, hence the title. Once you choose to do it, please be prepare for riding emotion roller coaster.

2. You'll learn about being a good planner and negotiator

Being in LDR means you have to be a good planner (both for short or strategic planner). The two of you have to set a ground rule, a routine and be commit to those in order to make LDR works. If somehow you failed to do the routine (e.g: call), please be conscious enough to make a make up those failure!

3. Remember these; love is not enough and busy is not an all-time free pass

Being only in love is not enough for a LDR. Commitment, endurance, preservance and patient need to be there.

Keep the communication although you are busy as hell. Saving to buy airplane or train ticket, keep your Skype or call schedule and many more. But the most important thing is; communication.

Once one party failed to do that, the relationship doomed! It doesn't have to be an hours and hours Skyping or call. Just spend your time for 10 minutes to call when you are in busy schedule. Busy is not a Godly excuse, you know? There is no pain in spending your 5-10 minutes to just call or sending a VN to your loved one.

4. Boredom VS Love

The boredom is real. Yeah, being in a routine leads to boredom. When that strikes you, my suggestion is to make a quick plan to visit each other to refresh the love between the two of you.

The other suggestion is to tak a short break from the routinity (although, it can tricky as hell). You have to be careful with your words when you wanna say about you want a space or break.

Once the break over, do what makes your love one feel that you still love him or her after the short break!

5. LDR teaches you about how to worth every minute of meeting

Here's the happiest part of LDR, when you finally meet your love one!

That will be the best time of your life. Every second is so precious. So, don't waste it! Then the separation will be the hardest part ever.

Maybe, it will be easier if you both have a vision when will you see each other again. So once again, make a plan. LDR cannot work with just "spontaneous" and "go with the flow" mentality.

6. Be the living proof that LDR people can be getting married :)

Last, LDR is hard also because the negative stigma that stick in LDR. Most people view LDR is not sustainable. So, it's up to you. Whether you want to make the stigma become fact in your own life or be the real example of LDR survivor. I failed though, but I do hope that there will be lots and lots of couple who prove that LDR can be sustainable.


That's the last of my opinion in Long Distance Relationship. I hope that my suggestion will be good enough for you LDR people!

For the one who makes me able to write something like this, I want to say thank you and bitter sweet memories that you gave to me but sadly, you gave up on me. If I can choose to rewind the time, I'll still choose to meet you.


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