The Magical Apple Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegar activates digestion
The apple-cider helps first of all in the digestion, by stimulating the formation of digestive juices, and this alone improves digestion. For example, if you marinate some food – Whether meat or vegetables – with an apple-herb oil marinade, then the dish Becomes more delicate and much more digestible.
Often heartburn improves, and the walk to the toilet is no longer waiting for you – if there is constipation. Especially the digestion of fats and carbohydrates is optimized by the apple essence – the the which is why the apple cider is to lead in numerous slimming diets and detoxification kines as a fat burner to the rapid melting of the superfluous pounds.


Apple Cider – A Fatburner?

The term "fat burner" however, is always somewhat misleading and usually nourishes the hope of showing itself after 30 days and, of course, without any nutritional change with crisp bikinifigur. The apple cider Also does this – at least in mice. If reviews Reviews These mL of apple celery 0:51 weight per kilogram of body weight, then not only reviews Reviews their appetite, but Also the weight gain Decreased Significantly.
Possibly, this highly desirable result is due to the digestive action of apple cider . A better digestion Ultimately is the prerequisite for the nutrients to be exploited optimally and, as a result, one feels naturally more saturated.

Cider vinegar against heat thirst


On the other hand, apple cessation regulates the blood glucose levels (see point "cessation apple against diabetes"), Thus Preventing blood sugar fluctuations and, consequently, lower sugar phases, the roomates are usually noticeable in the form of a hot starter attacks. Hot-hungry bats are now Often responsible for the fact that one is too fast, the wrong and much too much. However, for all three points lead to overweight. So when apple cider is Able to fight the cause of hot-hunger attacks – then with apple cider.

Apple cough supports fat loss

A high blood glucose level leads to a chronic Often insulin levels. A high insulin levels, however, normally inhibits the breakdown of adipose tissue – one remains well and does not Decrease (despite the supposedly iron diet) no gram. As soon as a too high insulin value returns to the norm, the pellets can finally melt again.

Apple is filling

The above Mentioned Theses (better saturation as well as lower blood glucose and insulin levels by apple cough) are supported by numerous studies, Including a Swedish study from 2005. The Researchers concerned Showed that a meal – when it contained apple cessment as an ingredient – A better feeling of satiety, but Also Increased the blood glucose and insulin levels Significantly less than meals without apple cessation.

Conclusion: A diet or detoxification is Significantly enriched by the component apple cessation and its success rather Likely.

Appleess lowers the blood glucose level

In diabetes, the blood glucose level is naturally the focus of everyday life. As Mentioned above, apple cessation has a positive influence on the blood glucose level and can therefore be used sensibly in a corresponding problem. In a study with type 2 Diabetics or with people who were Suffering from insulin resistance (the initial stage of diabetes), the effect of apple cessful on the blood glucose level was tested.

In January 2004, the results of this study were published in the journal Diabetes Care. It was interesting here that the vinegar helped to reduce the postprandial blood glucose levels after high-glycemic ** * meals (eg mashed potatoes), but after meals with low glycemic index (eg whole-grain bread with salad), no change was seen The effect of the vinegar in diabetes or insulin resistance is therefore not a flat-rate lowering blood glucose, but Cleary a Gently regulating.

* Highly glycemic reviews Reviews These means that foods (foods with a high glycemic index) Increase of the blood glucose level particularly subject to subject to fast and strongly. This includes, in particular, foods that Contain a great deal of sugar and starch.

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