1. Situation (situasi)

Dalam menjawab pertanyaan essay dalam aplikasimu, maka analisislah situasi apa yang sedang kamu hadapi. Agar dapat memudahkan pembaca memahami konteks dari contoh yang kamu kemukakan nanti. 

2. Task (tugas)

Setelah kamu analisis situasi apa yang sedang kamu hadapi, maka jabarkanlah tugas kamu dalam situasi tersebut. Entah itu tugas, peran, atau tanggung jawabmu dalam situasi itu.

3. Action (aksi)

Dari tugas itu aksi atau langkah-langkah apa yang kamu lakukan untuk menyelesaikan peran, tugas atau tanggung jawabmu.

4. Result (hasil)

Ceritakanlah hasil positif seperti apakah yang di dapatkan setelah apa yang kamu lakukan itu. Itulah pengertian dari STAR. Gunakan strategi itu dalam setiap menjawab aplikasi tertulis atau wawancara untuk melamar beasiswa ataupun pekerjaan impian.

Contoh penggunaan rumus STAR ini adalah sebagai berikut. Contoh ini di dapatkan dari modul belajar future learn .

5. Contoh Penggunaan STAR

aplikasi tertulis

aplikasi tertulis via https://pixabay.com


Describe a difficult problem you have solved. What was the problem? How did you analyse and solve it? What did you learn from the experience? (200 words)


The answer successfully uses the STAR technique to fully answer the question.


"I have recently faced problems submitting assignments on time for my course. Although I have always met deadlines in the past, evidenced by my first class marks in the first year, this year I have experienced major personal demands on my time."


"These included needing to work part-time to fund my studies and having to provide care for my elderly parents. This began to affect my studies, leading to a missed deadline for a key assignment. I recognised early action was necessary to solve this."


"So I:

prioritised the main tasks needing completion

discussed and agreed an extension for the most pressing assignment with my personal tutor

restructured my hours with my employer to allow time to complete the remaining assignments on time, and work additional hours after my assignment deadlines

liaised with other members of my family to share 'caring' duties, and organised help from a community centre"


"As a result, I passed the relevant module with a merit and have ensured better future care for my parents. In retrospect, I would have planned ahead better by identifying possible future difficulties. I also know the importance of communicating my position to others and seeking help when necessary."

The answer also uses positive action words e.g. restructured, liaised and prioritised. These can really help give the answer some impact.

There is a set word count, so the writer has made the answer concise by using short sentences and bullet points.

It's also clear about the outcome with evidence of success. It implies that the problem has been solved and will not occur in the future.



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