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Men is a New Black?

Black is a colour that match in every situation. I'm sure all of us had at least one black outfit. You name it, is it a tee, shirt, skirt, etc. When woman confuse about what to wear, they can choose monochrome outfit like white and black. I name it SAFE colour.


Why? Because we don't have to worry about too much colour mixed, or it's a wrong outfit. Let's take an example! Coco Chanel proved that simple black dress can be fabulous. They called it Little Black Dress.

Then, why I say that Men is a New Black?

This time, I hear a lot about relationship from my girl friends. They seemed to be tied on their mans. They texting every time, asking for every option in their life, like changing their hair colour, buy clothes (ex. if he said "No, its too short, too sexy, too much." Then they don't buy it.).


Even every little things in life, they have to ask their men. Why? Is they feel worry about their looks? I think they have to be independent woman. Woman is woman when you are alone or when you are hangout with your man.

Did you ever think when your men not around? Died? Or you both are separated?


Men just like woman. Sometimes, we want to hangover. Sometimes, we just want to be at home on Saturday night. Sometimes we do bad things, we cried (but this, men actually crying. They just hide from us). We are just human, woman or man.

Why don't we do what we need by responsibility? I like a qoute from someone "Born alone, die alone" or "You can do anything you want. It's your body, your responsibility."

But the "Live and die alone" things scared every woman. They feel safe when around their men. They put their responsibility to a men. A men same as a woman, could made any mistake. You can't ask your New Black to every things in your life.

They have their own responsibility like we had. We have to do our own things. That's life!

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